UK and Worldwide

With offices throughout the UK and associate offices in eighteen other countries, independent SalesForce Limited is a ‘force to be reckoned with’ in outsourced sales, sales volume growth, market and distribution channel development.

iSF is dedicated to serving our clients through direct sales contribution, market expansion, increasing revenues, margin and, ultimately, profitability.

SME to big business

Serving a variety of markets, including:
• SMEs for whom a dedicated sales force is commercially impossible
• Technical companies who fear the recruitment, management, incentivising and motivation of a sales team.
• Larger (including Fortune500) companies, including offshore companies wishing to cost effectively establish a foothold in the UK and/or Europe.
• Other large companies wishing to expand, experiment, augment or focus on specific products, themes, areas or markets.


Founded by four experienced sales professionals - former sales people, sales directors and managing directors themselves, they each and all understand the challenges, frustrations and opportunities in bringing products to market and growing sales in a commercially responsible way.

This core expertise is augmented and supported by field sales resources, telephone sales, relationship sales people and an unparalleled international network of senior level business contacts through whom our clients’ products and services are promoted and sold.

Covering every conceivable type of product and service:
• From the simple to the most technically complex
• From the most interesting to the banal
• From individual tiny cost widgets to multi million pound/dollar/Euro ‘big ticket’ sales
• From the most intangible, service based concepts to concrete items